Our Story

Don Robertson was a hardworking, loving husband and father of four very active boys.

In October of 2010 Don was taken to the emergency room with vertigo symptoms. The MRI showed tumors in his brain which were ultimately diagnosed as metastasis of stage IV non smoking lung cancer.

The shock of the ā€œCā€ word and the 6-18 month prognosis was a nightmare but we were determined to fight this thing with everything we had, after all he was so strong and healthy. Don was able to work for most of the following year and life was close to normal for the Robertson family but then his treatments became too tiring and Don took some time off so he could focus on healing and getting better.

Thankfully he had planned years beforehand in case he was unable to work and we had a supplementary income to cover our living expenses, medical supplies and outside treatments and therapies.

Not everyone in his situation is so fortunate.

My kids often asked me if we were going to have to move or not have money for school needs because many of their friends whose parents were battling cancer were having to give up necessities in order for them to treat the disease. They were scared enough with their dad sick, and felt bad for their friends that had to worry about other things as well. Yes, we knew that we were very fortunate in light of the circumstances.

With the ability to take advantage of outside treatments and not having to worry about the day to day expenses, Don lived almost three long healthy years. He began declining in April of 2013 and fell ill in August.

Don passed away on September 8, 2013 surrounded by his family. The immense value of the time he was able to spend with us worry free from the stress of financial hardship is something that we will forever be grateful for. It's in that sprit that The Daniel Robertson Family Foundation was formed. It honors Don's memory by helping to provide part of that peace of mind to families while they battle with their loved one against this exhausting disease.

Dons third son, Daniel, is a professional baseball player in the Tampa Bay Rays organization and funded his foundation in memory of his father Don. His mother, Julie, brothers Ben, Jarrod and Steven serve as the Board of Directors.